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5 Points Checklist for Divorce Preparation

01.01.2021 · Posted in Legal Articles

Divorce isn’t easy for anyone. Not only it is an emotionally distressing decision, but the process is also complex, confusing, and often tiring. Along with the basic requirement of filing for a divorce after you have been living separately from our spouse for a year, there are other things to consider too. You have to ...

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coParenter helps divorced parents settle disputes using A.I. and human mediation

A former judge and family law educator has teamed up with tech entrepreneurs to launch an app they hope will help divorced parents better manage their co-parenting disputes, communications, shared calendar, and other decisions within a single platform. The app, called coParenter, aims to be more comprehensive than its competitors, while also leveraging a combination ...

Newly divorced woman blows up her wedding dress

Simply setting fire to her wedding dress wouldn't do for Kimberly Santleben-Stiteler. The newly divorced woman from outside San Antonio, Texas (shocker!) attached 20 pounds of Tannerite to the dress and created an explosive target. In front of family and friends, she shot the dress from 200 yards away, creating a fireball and explosion that ...