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Cats wearing hats made from their own cat hair

Hope you like cats and cat hair.

From the delightful Instagram account of @rojiman and their Scottish Fold Cats, a series of cat portraits in which these kitties are wearing hats made from their own cat hair.

Go see the rest here, and they've been cross-posted on IMGUR as well.

Cats wearing ...

Trash panda wears cute pajamas

“Say hello to Meeko,” says IMGURian @Lifeisfull12.

“Yeah. He's got jammies...”

“Meeko is my friend's domesticated trash panda. He has raised him from a cub. Meeko is the best.”

Gentle reminder: Wildlife belong in the wild, not at home. Please do not do this at home.

Say hello to Meeko

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This ‘foster mom’ bear is raising a cub saved by a dog

An orphaned black bear cub has been placed with a substitute bear mom this week after the little baby bear was saved by a family dog, and tenderly brought to safety.

The amazing images of the rescued black bear cub in this post are from the Wildlife Center of Virginia, you can donate to ...

Donkey tries to sing along to human playing violin – unmute!

You've seriously gotta unmute this.

Donkeys must think the sound of these humans playing the violin sounds like other donkeys, because the donkeys in these videos appear to be really enjoying it.

Here's another video of the same situation with a totally different donkey, and completely different humans playing a different violin.

Cracks me up so hard every ...

Holiday Baking Inspo: Corgi **** Bread

I love Corgis so much. This Japan-based bakery's corgi **** bread is something that I can really get behind.

Next time you're in Sapporo, stop by @utiwapanya bakery for some corgi ****, or another one of their cute breads.

他にも、こんな子達も作っております♪( *´ω`* )/ 是非とも飼いに来て下さいね♪人懐っこい子ばかりですよ~♪

— うちは、ぱんや。 (@utiwapanya) June 2, ...

Video: Siberian Husky puppy mlem mlems

Aren't those gorgeous blue eyes amazing!

Watch this video only if you are prepared to experience a head-sploding squee of cute delight.

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👅😁GOOD BOY 👅🤗 video 📹 By @mywinterfells_siberian.huskies 🐾 🐾 Diana Bubnova (MyWinterfell'S Siberian Huskies) 💕 ...

Rescue weasel likes to play with human at computer

Brace for maximum cuteness.

This cute little weasel sure enjoys playing with their human's hand on that computer mouse.

Such a cute little fuzzy dude.

His name is Ozzy.

I love that his name is Ozzy.

Cute little pocket weasel. Not a pet, a rescue.

From the uploader, Frisco68:

Yup, he loves to play. So do I. But before I get ...