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What You Need To Know About A Stock Portfolio

04.14.2010 · Posted in Stock Market Articles

A stock portfolio is the combined holdings of more than one stock, money market, bond, commodity, collectible, or real estate investment. An investor may have a stock portfolio that includes a variety of investments, while the manager of the mutual fund manages the portfolio. ...

Stay Top of Mind: Frequency Marketing Campaigns

02.23.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

A frequency marketing campaign is a practical way to stay top of mind with preferred clients. Think of a frequency program as a system you use to develop and maintain relationships with your A-list customers through a series of regularly scheduled communications. ...

Holidays, Customer Appreciation and Repetitive Business

11.14.2007 · Posted in Manufacturing Articles

I often say, smart advertising gets you the best results! If you have a budget for marketing, why not use it and invest it in your customers in some form of customer appreciation? You will get the best return for your money when you show a little bit of gratitude to your clients ...