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Fraudulent Credit Card Use

11.12.2008 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Credit card fraud is one of the biggest ways of identity theft. It is also the easiest way to steal from someone else. Almost everyone has a credit card and more than half of those people use them everyday. There are many ways for people to get your name and credit card ...

Take Action – What to Do if You Lose Your Credit Card

02.27.2008 · Posted in Credit Cards Articles

The chances are good that each and every one of us will lose or have our credit card stolen at least once in our lifetime. When talking about cash, this would be a lose-lose proposition every time. But fortunately, by law, credit cards come with built in protection in just such circumstances. ...

Why Should You Apply for a Credit Card Online

02.27.2008 · Posted in Credit Cards Articles

Sometimes the credit card companies make it really enticing to apply for a new credit card or accept that great balance transfer option by filling the mailbox with a daily barrage of pre-approved and pre-screened offers. But do you know the reasons why you should apply for a credit card online instead of by ...

How to Avoid Credit Card Fraud and Identity Theft

02.22.2008 · Posted in Credit Cards Articles

Identity theft is all too common this day in age. It seems like the problem is growing to new extremes. As a major facet of identity theft, credit card fraud is also largely preventable by taking basic precautions and using good financial common sense. Read on for a few of the most ...