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Thao & The Get Down Stay Down’s wonderful new Zoom music video

The wonderful weird alt.folk noise pop band Thao & The Get Down Stay Down released a new music video today shot entirely using Zoom videoconferencing. It's a radically creative clip for an equally rad tune, "Phenom."

Thao & The Get Down Stay Down's new album Temple is out next month. Read ...

This deck of cards will help you to get to know yourself better

Know Yourself is a set of 60 cards to prompt you to examine your beliefs. Example card: “List five things that are important to you in your life. How much of your time do you give to each of these?” The back of each card offers advice to make sure you answer the questions ...

Google’s Area 120 launches Tangi, a short-form video app focused on creativity and DIY

The latest project to emerge from Google’s in-house incubator, Area 120, takes the newfound interest in short-form video and focuses it on the DIY space. The company today is launching a short video platform called Tangi, initially on the web and iOS, that allows creative types to share how-to videos on subjects like crafting, painting, ...

‘Lord of the Rings’-themed wedding looks like a lot of fun

IMGURian @Sgraceoh shared these phenomenal images of their “Lord of the Rings themed wedding,” and it looks like a good time was had by all.

Truly enchanting, and what dedication to design.

Our Lord of the Rings themed wedding!

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The true nature of creativity: pilfering and recombining the work of your forebears (who, in turn, pilfered and recombined)

Alex from Copy Me (previously) writes, "Copying is one of the most essential steps to creativity. And if we don’t understand how it works, copyright can easily become detrimental to the very creativity we want to protect. Copy-Me's got a new video about how even the great geniuses copied others and how this ...

This guy hand-paints amazing art on Vans loafers


This person paints amazing art on Vans sneakers for friends and family, and it's truly amazing.

“I’ve hand painted a bunch of Vans for friends and family,” says IMGURian @zcaimbeul. “Figured I’d share! Hope you enjoy.”

They don't seem to have an online business, or any interest in creating one. But I'd totally buy a ...

Lynda Barry’s “Making Comics” is one of the best, most practical books ever written about creativity

I've been a fan of cartoonist, novelist and memoirist Lynda Barry for decades, long before she was declared a certified genius; Barry's latest book, Making Comics is an intensely practical, incredibly inspiring curriculum for finding, honing and realizing your creativity through drawing and writing. ...

‘I was born without my right hand and use duct tape to play guitar’

Abby is a one-handed guitar slayer and drummer, and she can really sing.

“I was born without my right hand and use duct tape to play guitar,” says @Abshow.

Abby is on YouTube and IMGUR and Instagram.

Song: 'Crystalline,' by Jome.

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Just some really gorgeous psychedelic glass art

Shut up and take my money, @sableglass.

Get a load of this gorgeousness.

This is an example of the “Reticello marble handmade glass art,” according to the maker.

It's an Italian decorative glassblowing technique that involves merging two bubbles (one inside the other), in which the straight canes were twisted in opposite directions.

Once ...