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Tiny Paper Shopping Bags, Nested Adorably

Oh yes.

“I woke up this morning with an inexplicable and powerful need to make a tiny paper bag,” says IMGURian @thejeshire.


I did not question this Quest From The Beyond, I merely performed the task which I was assigned, with much enthusiasm.

Behold: T I N Y B A G

I'm pleased as punch ...

A ‘banned book’ bookshelf

What a fantastic project.

“I made a 'banned-book' bookshelf with a hidden compartment,” says IMGURian @honestworkdesigns.

“Sliding dado door serves as hidden compartment at the back of bottom shelf.”


I made a "banned-book" bookshelf with a hidden compartment

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Look at this amazing popsicle stick house

Wow. That's all I can manage to get out of my keyboard, I'm so astonished by how gorgeous and dedicated this wonderful crafted popsicle stick house is.

IMGURian @dawilah is taking this to a completely different level. I love it.

The build video is glorious.

I feel a real fondness for the medium, ...

Interested in hand-lettering? Here’s a book for you

I love old paperbacks, especially their great hand-lettered titles. I grabbed a few from my shelf to show you what I mean:

Not many books feature hand-lettering, but there are still a number of people who keep the tradition alive. Ivan Castro, a graphic designer in Barcelona, Spain, is one such craftsman. He teaches lettering in ...

Watch this cobbler do a magical restoration of a totally thrashed pair of dress shoes

In this episode of Trenton & Heath, master cobbler Heath Potter resurrects a totally thrashed pair of Ferragamo loafers. You may think that 26 minutes is a long time to watch someone restore a pair of shoes, but just allow yourself to be enveloped by the artisinality of it all. The time will fly ...

How to make a Viking axe from a rusty old axe head

There are DIY projects, and there are HOLY **** HE MADE A VIKING AXE REPLICA. This is one of those.

This is what the guy started with.

From WoodworkingIsLife, an example of the splendid results you can get with talent, patience, and time -- and the right woodworking tools.

It all started by wanting to just clean ...

Hand-making 1,000 pencils from pallet wood

Pallet wood pencils. Genius!

What an incredible project the JackmanWorks guy took on, and look at the glorious stacks of pencils that came out of it all.

How fun would it be to draw with one of these?

More about the project here from JackmanWorks:

Pencils, so many pencils... Do people even use pencils anymore? I ...

DIY: Feral cat Shelters from coolers

Oh, I am seriously here for this DIY-maker-recycling project that's all about giving street kitties safe homes. Wow this is cool.

Making feral cat shelters from an old cooler.

Says IMGURian @petsncharge, “Cat Tested and Approved Shelters.”

We designed and built these durable cat shelters-Donating to the many Rescues that need them for the Homeless ...

This guy hand-paints amazing art on Vans loafers


This person paints amazing art on Vans sneakers for friends and family, and it's truly amazing.

“I’ve hand painted a bunch of Vans for friends and family,” says IMGURian @zcaimbeul. “Figured I’d share! Hope you enjoy.”

They don't seem to have an online business, or any interest in creating one. But I'd totally buy a ...

Amazing dad builds submarine crib for kid

Amazing parenting and crafting here.

“I was asked to build this by after they saw the tree I built in my daughter's bedroom.”

“I used my own garage workshop and had help from a buddy who taught me the basics of fiberglass.”

“Here's the finished product after about 90 hours and $1,250.00 in materials.”

“I ...