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Apple says it’s reopening ~100 more stores in U.S. this week, walk-in customers OK in some

Apple says it is planning to reopen more than 100 US retail stores this week, and that because the COVID-19 pandemic is ongoing, most locations will only offer curbside or storefront service.

By this week's end, Apple says, about 130 out of its 271 U.S. stores will be open. Certain locations, but not all, will be ...

Trump adviser Kevin Hassett: ‘Our human capital stock is ready to go back to work’

White House adviser Kevin Hassett said the quiet part out loud just now: “Our human capital stock is ready to go back to work.”

White House adviser Kevin Hassett: "Our human capital stock is ready to go back to work." #HumanCapitalStock

— Aaron Rupar (@atrupar) May 25, 2020

[Captured by Vox ...

WHO warns ‘immediate second peak’ of coronavirus threatens countries that reopen too soon

The World Health Organization said on Monday that parts of the world where coronavirus infection rates are declining may face an “immediate second peak” if they prematurely loosen restrictions to slow the spread of the virus that causes COVID-19.

From Reuters:

The world is still in the middle of the first wave of the coronavirus outbreak, ...

Xiaomi, Samsung and others begin to resume smartphone production in India

Xiaomi, Vivo, Samsung, Oppo and other smartphone companies have received approval from some state governments in India to partially resume manufacturing and assembling of devices amid the ongoing lockdown in the world’s second largest handset market that completely shut operations at these plants in late March. The companies said that they have secured permission to ...

Trump wears goggles but no mask on Arizona PPE factory tour


Zeke Miller, White House reporter for Associated Press, tweets from a Very Trump Coronavirus Visit to Arizona:

The president is wearing safety goggles but no mask on his tour of Honeywell PPE manufacturing line

Yes, peak Trump, all day, every day, until as many Americans die as possible of COVID-19.

The president is ...

Grim Reaper visits Florida beaches as Gov. DeSantis lifts COVID-19 restrictions

Well, looks like the reopening of Florida is going great, just great today.

Ron DeSantis opened Florida's beaches, and lifted other anti-COVID-19 restrictions throughout most of the state on Friday.

Friday is also the day Daniel W. Uhlfelder, a lawyer and resident in Walton County, launched his “Grim Reaper Beach Tour” of the state's beaches.

Here he ...

VA health system has ordered $300,000 worth of body bags for COVID-19 victims

More than 8,500 U.S. Veterans Administration patients have been diagnosed with Covid-19 and nearly 500 have died.

The VA health network has ordered $300,000 worth of body bags, @ reports, as a growing number of veterans are hit by Covid-19, Betsy Woodruff Swan reports for POLITICO.

Here's the contracting document reviewed by POLITICO. []

“The department ...