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2001: A Space Odyssey original space suit is up for auction

Place a higher bid, Dave. This "nearly complete" spacesuit from Stanley Kubrick's seminal space opera 2001: A Space Odyssey is currently up for auction. Starting bid is $50,000 and it's expected to go as high as $300,000. From the Julien's Auctions description:

The spacesuit is an amalgamation of components worn by different actors and in ...

Bob Ross couple’s costume and other Halloween night surprises in my neighborhood

This Bob Ross "painted" happy little trees onto their partner's face all evening.

I've lived in Alameda, California going on 10 years now and I'm always surprised by what I see on Halloween night — it's a real circus! Each year, thousands of revelers head to my neighborhood in the Fernside district to trick or treat. ...

Utah elementary student wore a **** costume to school parade

On Halloween, a child at Creekside Elementary School in Kaysville, Utah wore a **** uniform as his costume for a parade at school. After some people complained online, the school principal and a teacher were suspended with pay for allowing such a thing. I wish they could suspend the boy's parents from being parents. According ...

Security camera captures dinosaurs invading home

Aw, and they only took one piece each despite being terrifying dinosaurs.

Home surveillance cameras get a lot of criticism around here, but no matter what horrible civil liberties implications there be, you can't tell me this isn't quality content.

“Our Nest subscription was worth every penny,” says @macbryce.

Our Nest subscription was worth ...

Costumes of Greatness: ‘Blue Screen of Death’

This is a genius Halloween costume idea.

The Microsoft Windows 'Blue Screen of Death,' as the MS-DOS crash display has long been affectionately known.

IMGURian @gnocchithesphynxcat really nailed it.

“Yes, I take public transit to work, and yes, I wore my costume.”

Today's Halloween costume at work: the Blue Screen of Death!

[via IMGUR]

Amazing! 7-months-pregnant lady cosplays ‘Fat Thor’ from ‘Avengers: Endgame’ (Chris Hemsworth)

This is the most amazing expecting mom costume idea ever.

Marvel did a weird thing in Avengers: Endgame by making Thor (Chris Hemsworth) get fat.

This pregnant woman did an amazing thing by cosplaying as the big-belly Marvel superhero for Halloween.

Pure genius.

She won the office Halloween costume party, and the internet, too.

Almost ...

Cosplay of Greatness: ‘Isaac Clarke’

Stupendous dedication and execution on this cosplay masterpiece.

A wonderful Isaac Clarke cosplay build by IMGURian @buu342 for this year's Comic Con in Lisbon, Portugal.

“The entire build took about three months of work, and a few extra weeks for planning and material gathering.”

They shared an incredible step-by-step gallery of images showing the many steps ...

Halloween Costume: Lunar Module Costume: Big Sis Lunar Lander, Little Sis Astronaut (with flag)

The photo is priceless.

The video, I can't even.

“Lunar Module (Charlie) and Astronaut (Ellie) Costume 2019.”

From their proud parent:

With the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, Charlie and I had been reading about the Apollo 11 mission and Neil Armstrong -- and I cannot recommend the book "I am Neil Armstrong" highly enough.

Charlie ...

Japanese group wears hilarious “mundane” Halloween costumes over flashy ones

Forgot to take out the trash, the Halloween costume.

"Too embarrassed" to wear glitzy, showy Halloween costumes, a group of folks in Japan decided to start wearing "mundane" ones starting in 2014. These hilarious "jimi Halloween" costumes feature people in ordinary, everyday types of situations.

Like, here's a lady who is playing a "camera assistant for ...

Man with one leg creates wonderful Halloween costumes

Paralympian skier, comedian, and motivational speaker Josh Sundquist and his collaborators create fantastic costumes based around the fact that Sundquist has just one leg. This year, he's Pixar mascot Luxo Jr. who first appeared in the 1986 short film of the same name.

A few years ago, Sundquist was a foosball player!

(via Laughing ...