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Storage Of Stem Cells In a Cord Blood Registry

08.09.2008 · Posted in Health Articles

Cord Blood Registry (CBR) is the world's largest public donation bank, and is famous for reliability, quality and safe storage. Using AutoXpress (AXP), a cutting-edge technology to gather and store blood, consumers have the opportunity to cryopreserve their own genetically-related stem cells for future therapeutic use. ...

Cord Blood Banks

08.08.2008 · Posted in Health Articles

With the discovery of the stem cells in the umbilical cord, the task of fighting against malignant diseases has been made somewhat easier. The Lifesaving potential found in cord blood has shown to reduce usual risks associated with transplant treatments. Being the most primitive cells in a body, these stem calls can regenerate different types ...

The Importance Of Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Transplant

08.07.2008 · Posted in Health Articles

If you, or a loved one is in need of a bone marrow or cord blood transplant, but immediate family cannot provide a good match, doctors have the option of searching the National Marrow Donor Program (NMDP) registry for an allogeneic transplant (donation outside family) ...

Cord Blood – The Future of Medicine

02.11.2006 · Posted in It Articles

If you remember your Biology classes, you would recall that cells are the building blocks that make up an organism. While most cells have a designated purpose (such as heart cells that merge to form the heart, or kidney cells that combine to form a kidney), there are others, such as stem cells that have ...