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Aventior announces partnership with Aspectum

06.22.2021 · Posted in Writing and Speaking

Aspectum has signed a contract of cooperation with Aventior to improve its Change Detection and Object Detection capabilities. Aspectum will utilize Aventior’s processing algorithms to develop its data analytics and improve the in-house Aspectum machine learning model. With the help of these technologies, Aspectum will be able to conduct object detection operations such as data collection, processing, and ...

Computer Vision made Autonomous Vehicles intelligent

06.09.2021 · Posted in Writing and Speaking

The evolution of the automobile is quite interesting to understand. In 1700 we had a Steam and Electricity powered car. Later in the 1800s, we had the first patented gas-powered car. There was no looking back since then. From a car with no windshields and steering wheel, we now have a driverless car! Introduction of ...

Detection of Illegal Buildings, Settlements, and Constructions

06.03.2021 · Posted in Writing and Speaking

Introduction A combination of social, economic, legal, and administrative parameters leads, in several countries, to the stage of unplanned development and to the creation of a considerable number of illegal buildings.When increased in number, they may create various problems such as: Decrease of state and local revenue since they are not fully taxed, as the ...