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Is Company Union Protects Terminations

02.22.2012 · Posted in Legal Articles

The employer is obliged to some cases of termination of employment to discuss and inform other departments if it works with. But there are some fundamentals and norms as suggested by trade union acts and this need to follow by all as well. ...

Legal Services is no More Complex

04.20.2010 · Posted in Legal Articles

Singhania & Co. LLP are helped with diverse legal services when you need. Here you will get complete range of legal activities likes, appearance in courts, client briefings and conferences, opinion writing and guidance, research work and many other related activities on reasonable prices. ...

Law Firms Services

04.08.2010 · Posted in Legal Articles

In these days law firms plays an important role in providing worthful services to the corporate sector of the world. As with the growth in the economy and rising competition within business houses compel law firms to offer their corporate level services. ...