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Pandemic reveals continued existence of Taster’s Choice

I am currently sequestered with my parents.

I live on coffee.

The drip coffee maker died.

It will take several days for a new one to arrive, due to Trump's mismanagement of the United States response to the pandemic.

My mother and I are drinking Angel City from Groundwork, perhaps the last good pound of coffee in the ...

This Bodum pour-over coffee maker works great and looks pretty cool

This Bodum pour-over coffee maker with a permanent stainless steel filter works great and is one of the cheapest I found.

This thing works to make pour-over coffee and costs less than $20. If you want pour-over coffee this is a pretty good way to get there. I started drinking pour-over a few weeks back ...

Lay off the Starbucks — these coffee makers are all on sale this weekend

02.01.2020 · Posted in Technology Articles

You need a cup of coffee in the morning in order to function — that's a given. But instead of dishing out your hard-earned cash for venti beverages at your local Starbucks, why not just make your own brew at home? Not only will you never have t... ...

Espresso is better with fewer beans, more coarsely ground

Going against conventional wisdom, researchers at the University of Portsmouth in the UK say the way to consistently make better espresso is by using fewer beans and grinding them more coarsely, reports Interesting Engineering:

"When beans were ground finely, the particles were so small that in some regions of the bed they clogged up the ...

Incredibly groovy TV commercial for “Good Strong Coffee” (1968)

That's quite a scene, man. No wonder I'm addicted to the stuff. According to the Sweet Jane blog, a young Bruce Robinson is one of the hep cats. From British Film Institute:

Little is known about this kaleidoscopic cinema short advocating the use of coffee as a stimulant, other than that it was produced by ...

Beat that winter slump with a new Nespresso machine: Here are 5 on sale

01.07.2020 · Posted in Technology Articles

That New Year's resolution isn't going to tackle itself, you know. Whether you've made a pledge to your 2020 self to put in some extra work at the gym, cook more at home, or just catch up on all of your favorite shows (psst — The Mandalorian is... ...

Starbucks apologizes after two cops claimed they were ignored by the baristas

Starbucks has apologized after two Riverside County sheriff's deputies reported that baristas ignored them when they waited to place an order. This comes just a couple weeks after an Oklahoma Starbucks employee was fired for printing the word "PIG" on a police officer's hot chocolate order label (above). And back in July, a Starbucks barista ...