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Chat client made entirely with CSS

CSS-only-chat uses no javascript and doesn't reload the page. It's amazing—and terrible. How is it done?

Background-images loaded via pseudoselectors + a forever-loading index page

In laypersons' terms: cover the page in elements, assign each one an individual background image, but only trigger the image when the mouse interacts with it. Voila: communication with a ...

Lorem Ipsum but for images

David Marby & Nijiko Yonskai's Lorem Picsum is an online service that generates placeholder images. All you have to do is write image URLs like so — — with the folder names defining the image dimensions.

Part of the utility of lorem ipsum, however, is that the text consists of real words and ...

Procedurally generated infinite CVS receipt

Sure, CVS receipts are farcically long, but they're not infinitely long: they could be, though, as Garrett Armstrong's CVS Receipt generator demonstrates, using nothing more than HTML, CSS and Javascript (Armstrong: "I even made a ****** web-scraper to get real product names from their site"). (via Kottke) Read the rest “Procedurally ...

Glitching PNGs

PNG, the classiest just-works web image format, offers unique opportunities for glitch art—all flowing from the fine details of its specification.

PNG is a very simple format compared to JPEG or other new image formats. The filter algorithms are like toys, and its compression method is the same as oldschool Zip compression. However, this simple ...

IFSC / MICR branch codes for India (INR)

12.21.2011 · Posted in Computer Articles

An IFSC is an Indian Financial System code, and is the popular term for a bank identifier code (BIC) used among banks in India to transfer funds. It is an 11-digit code identifying your country, city, bank, and branch. With this simple code, oDesk's bank can route funds to any registered bank in India. Your ...

Finally an easy way to make dynamic database driven websites with ease

10.03.2011 · Posted in Software Articles

Create your own dynamic database driven websites for free. 'BlueboxPHP' is a simple to use piece of FREE software that puts the power of dynamic database driven websites firmly into the hands of whoever uses it. ...