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The Dude’s Pendleton sweater will keep me warm this winter

The Pendleton Westerly shawl collar sweater is super cool, but keeps me warm.

All my winter stuff is in storage and I have no access to it. I expected to be out of storage before the winter came, but now I am cold and without my favorite sweaters: cable knit shawl collar sweaters ala Steve ...

The Brain Coat is not a tinfoil hat

Behold the Brain Coat, which is not a tinfoil hat but rather a silver-coated nylon skull cap with ear *****. It's lightweight, breathable, and claims to be effective at shielding the brain from radio waves while remaining comfortable even if worn with other headgear.

Microwave Shielding Effect: 35 dB at 1-10 GHz Surface resistivity:


Veteran’s Day 2018 sales: Save on things like Instant Pots, mattresses, and TVs at Macy’s, Best Buy, Target, and more

11.09.2018 · Posted in Technology Articles

Oh, look: Another holiday, another excuse for a ton of online retailers to have a sale. This time we're talking about Veteran's Day. Thank the people you know who have served, tell them all of the places they can get free stuff on Monday, and get to ... ...

Great Clothing Deals Online

10.21.2011 · Posted in Arts and Entertainment Article

About some years ago cotton growing was done in an eco- friendly manner but sadly today numerous farmers are actively making use of pesticides to grow cotton. The use of harmful chemicals not just causes a threat to us but also to planet, animals, soil and human kind. These chemicals pose danger to significant illness ...

Top Advice For Wearing Black Suits

10.11.2011 · Posted in Arts and Entertainment Article

You can wear a black suit nearly anyplace. Black suits are suitable for occasions like funerals, weddings, office, business meetings as well as other formal occasions. But then, black colour suits aren't appropriate for wearing everyday and for some situations. It appears gorgeous when you wear it with suitable combinations. Several of the guidelines for ...

Buying Your Clothes Online

10.11.2011 · Posted in Arts and Entertainment Article

These days the globe has turn into quite quick and everyone's life is becoming extremely hectic. People all about the globe are going back to fundamentals and adopting the ancient methods of living like yoga, consuming organic food etc. In the exact same manner there has been a revolution in our way of dressing up ...

Vogue Clothing Buying Guide

10.07.2011 · Posted in Arts and Entertainment Article

In this case, the means of "smart" may be taken as intelligent or clever. Intelligent clothes are the ideal blend of both, intelligence and fashion. The smart clothing covers all that garments produced with intelligent textiles, or in they are applied.rnThe intelligent textiles are mostly applied in fashion and insulation. Below is a highlight over ...

Why A Man Should See An Image Consultant for a Style Makeover

08.04.2011 · Posted in Success Articles

You will have your colors analyzed so that you can confidently choose colors that enhance your personal power. You will also be advised how to get the difference that makes the difference in your individual presentation for elegant, business and casual wear. They will also teach you how accessories ...