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Emma Thompson, Opal Tometi, Gael García Bernal share hopeful ‘message from the future’

10.01.2020 · Posted in Technology Articles

In times like these, it can be difficult to imagine a future where our current crises are a thing of the past. But a new animated short film imagines a world where we've moved forward and built a better, more equitable world for ourselves.  ... ...

Animated explainer: “Is it too late to stop climate change?”

Kurzgesagt's latest "In a Nutshell" animation asks "Is it too late to stop climate change?" From the video: We have known for decades that rapid Climate Change is being caused by the release of Greenhouse Gases. But instead of reducing them, i... ...

Melting sea ice forced scientists on Arctic mission to make emergency detour before safely arriving at North Pole

A German icebreaker ship carrying scientists on a year-long international expedition through the high Arctic finally reached the North Pole, after melting sea ice forced an emergency detour. From AP: Expedition leader Markus Rex said Wednesday the RV Polarstern was able to reach the geographic North Pole because of large openings in sea ice that ...

Greenland and Antarctica melting 6x faster than in 1990s: NASA

NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena today reports new evidence of accelerating glacier melt in Antarctica.

“Observations from 11 satellite missions monitoring the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets have revealed that the regions are losing ice six times faster than they were in the 1990s,” reads the NASA JPL announcement.

“If the current ...

Antarctica: Hottest temperature ever recorded, 65º F / 18.3º C

Antarctica's hottest temperature ever was recorded this past Thursday: 65 degrees Fahrenheit, or 18.3 degrees Celsius.

That is not good.

Not good at all.

#Antártida | Nuevo récord de temperaturas 🌡️

Este mediodía la Base #Esperanza registró un nuevo récord histórico (desde 1961) de temperatura, con 18,3°C. Con este valor se supera el ...

Amazon threatened to fire two tech workers who spoke about climate and Amazon’s business, then 357 more workers joined them

Last October, two Amazon employees -- Maren Costa (UX designer) and Jamie Kowalski (software engineer) spoke on the record to the Washington Post about their employer's complicity in the climate crisis, including the provision of cloud computing services to energy company in search of new sources of fossil fuels.

Amazon threatened to fire them. Rather than ...

Climate denial has destroyed the libertarian movement

Leading libertarian intellectuals are now disavowing the label (Tyler Cowan says he's now a "State Capacity Libertarian") thanks to the total failure of libertarianism to cope with climate change.

John Quiggin (previously) explores how, at the start of the climate debate, libertarians advocated for "market based" solutions, like tradeable emissions credits, something dubbed "free-market environmentalism." ...