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coParenter helps divorced parents settle disputes using A.I. and human mediation

A former judge and family law educator has teamed up with tech entrepreneurs to launch an app they hope will help divorced parents better manage their co-parenting disputes, communications, shared calendar, and other decisions within a single platform. The app, called coParenter, aims to be more comprehensive than its competitors, while also leveraging a combination ...

Epic DIY medieval castle playroom/bedroom built for grandkids

What an amazing DIY castle playroom-bedroom for some seriously lucky grandkids.

Truly epic, from IMGURian jshepherddesign2000.

About the top image: “Mural and drawbridge bed. Chains are plastic and easily removed as well as breakaway from the top for safety.”

The "curtain" and "stained glass" in the image below? Trompe l'oeil. “All one piece of art printed ...

Creative child drew a ‘Star Wars’ comic starring narwhals and Mark Hamill approved

03.02.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles

If you're a fan of Star Wars and whales, we have the perfect comic book for you. Straight from the creative mind of actor and television director Jon Cryer's daughter Daisy, we present a Star Wars spin-off comic starring a bunch of narwhals. Yes, rea... ...

So it’s come to this: An unborn baby ‘kidfluencer’ has 112,000 Instagram followers

03.02.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles

This is just getting ridiculous.  As regular social media influencers vie for the title of most annoying, a new breed has emerged to expose the whole enterprise as a goofy charade. Or perhaps we should say not emerged, because, as exemplified by... ...

YouTube will now disable comments on all videos featuring children

02.28.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles

YouTube has announced a few sweeping changes amid a number of controversies involving children’s safety on the platform. In a post on the YouTube Creator Blog, the company laid out the actions being taken. The biggest update: YouTube will now d... ...

Screen time inhibits toddler development, study finds

In news that will surprise few but still alarm many, a study has found that kids 2-5 years old who engage in more screen time received worse scores in developmental screening tests. The apparent explanation is simple: when a kid is in front of a screen, they're not talking, walking, or playing, the activities by ...