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Nitric Acid And Its Different Uses and Effects In Our Society

05.11.2009 · Posted in Science Articles

There are many applications for nitric acid, especially in commercial and industrial processes. These consist of the production of fertilizers and explosives, and the creation of several medicines and fungicides. However, precautionary measures should be taken when storing or applying the substance so as to avoid accidents from happening. ...

Acetic Acid In Vinegar: Some Household Guidelines To Follow

05.08.2009 · Posted in Science Articles

Acetic acid is usually found at home in form of vinegar, which has little quantities of the acid. Even if vinegar is common in the kitchen as an ingredient in many food recipes, it has several other home uses as well as benefits. It can be a cleaning, cleansing, antibacterial, antifungal, herbicidal, and ...

Some Significant Facts You Ought To Know About Nitric Acid

05.06.2009 · Posted in Science Articles

A highly unsafe and powerful acid, nitric acid is likewise known in other terms, like NHO3 and Concentrated Nitric Acid. Its primary uses include the manufacture of explosives and fertilizers. As the chemical is particularly powerful and deadly, it should be stored and processed with maximum care. ...