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***** it, here are a bunch of stock photos of Babybel cheese

03.10.2020 · Posted in Technology Articles

There are only so many articles about politics and the coronavirus a person can read before having to seek refuge in something elseAnything else. Some people attempt to distract themselves from the harsh realities of unsettling news by consuming news... ...

Swiss gruyere named world’s best cheese at global competition

What's the world's best cheese? A gruyere from Switzerland, selected from a record-breaking number of entries from 26 countries in the 2020 World Championship Cheese Contest in Wisconsin.

From the Wisconsin State Journal:

“This is quite a good cheese,” said Stefan Truttmann, who happily accepted the award when a Gruyere from Switzerland was named ...

World’s first cheese conveyor belt restaurant opens

If you like sushi boat restaurants, you're probably going to love this new conveyor belt eating establishment — completely devoted to British cheese — that has opened in London's Seven Dials Market. Pick & Cheese is the brainchild of fromage-fanatic and entrepreneur Matthew Carver who hopes to make local UK cheeses cool again.