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A cat who eats like a hungry hungry hippo

what in the world kind of pig cat eats like this

— Luke in Philadelphia (@tramL116) June 13, 2020

Does this cat eating kibble remind you of a certain seventies' kiddie game?

This reminds me of a past cat of mine, Sunny. I rescued the polydactyl runt ...

Betabrand’s “catstooth” is a play on classic houndstooth pattern

Betabrand has just announced women's pants in "catstooth," a feline-tastic take on the classic houndstooth pattern. It's black and white like the original but you'd never know from afar that you were looking at little tiny cat faces. A straight-leg chino is the only product available so far in this fun ...

City official resigns after throwing cat in the air and drinking beer during Zoom meeting

📷 Chris Platzer, a planning commissioner in Vallejo, CA, in lower left, throws a cat in the air during a Zoom meeting last week. Image: City of Vallejo

“OK, first, I’d like to introduce my cat,” said Chris Platzer, a planning commissioner in Vallejo, California.

He lifted the cat up to the camera, then with two hands, ...

Cats wearing hats made from their own cat hair

Hope you like cats and cat hair.

From the delightful Instagram account of @rojiman and their Scottish Fold Cats, a series of cat portraits in which these kitties are wearing hats made from their own cat hair.

Go see the rest here, and they've been cross-posted on IMGUR as well.

Cats wearing ...

In NY, 2 cats are infected with coronavirus – first U.S. pets to test positive, federal officials say

Two cats in New York are reported to have been infected with the novel coronavirus. Both had mild respiratory symptoms and are expected to make a full recovery.

"These are the first pets in the United States to test positive," the US Department of Agriculture said Wednesday in a joint statement with the US Centers ...

Perfect deconstruction of social media news blip videos

Karolina Żebrowska posted a video of a woman looking for her cat that explains what cats are in simple, short sentences as bland instrumental music plays.

Hit that share button! Here are some emojis to go with it: 😼😽🙀😺😸😻 Read the rest


Samsung’s TV boxes cleverly convert into cat homes and more

Samsung has announced that its TV boxes can be converted into small tables, magazine racks, and -- yes-- homes for cats!

Samsung’s new ‘eco-packaging’ made from eco-friendly corrugated cardboard will be applied to The Serif, The Frame and The Sero, allowing customers easier recycling as well as upcycling of the cardboard ...

Clever video: Watch cats knocking down dominoes to get some food

If I lived in Japan, I'd totally buy whatever cat food is being shilled in this (surprisingly suspenseful) "Cats and Domino" video. Bravo to the folks behind it!

screengrab via Cat Navi Desk/YouTube

Thanks, Julie! Read the rest