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“Success ‘In Life Insurance Sales’ Is Simply A Matter Of Luck… Just Ask Any Failure!”

04.04.2009 · Posted in Insurance Articles

Are you struggling in this worsening economy? Was 2008 a difficult and disappointing year for you? Are you working harder, spending more money on marketing and leads and still not seeing any substantial improvements? Are you making more Cold Calls? Are you constantly searching for a better Source of Leads? ...

How To Get Off To A FAST START In 2009

04.03.2009 · Posted in Insurance Articles

The coming year promises to be very exciting and very rewarding for those agents, advisors and planners who understand what people are really looking for, need and want. Today, people need and want your help more than ever! Will you be the person your prospects, clients, friends rnand family can turn to and rely upon ...

How To Sell Life Insurance… In Spite Of Our Struggling Economy!

04.02.2009 · Posted in Insurance Articles

Everyday we get hundreds of people visiting our Web site and calling us. Most of them are searching for sales tips on ...

Stop Selling Life Insurance

03.10.2009 · Posted in Insurance Articles

If you want to sell more life insurance, then you must stop selling Life Insurance, and start helping your prospects to see the benefits of owning Life Insurance! I know what you are thinking ...

Common Myths About Cash Value Life Insurance

06.18.2008 · Posted in Miscellaneous Articles

The necessity of life insurance today is based around the idea of a family with one or both spouses working outside of the home, and that if one of them dies, the other will be left with financial obligations that will not be able to be met. Most advisers agree that life insurance is supposed ...