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Do You Really Need Freight Shipping For Large Boxes?

11.27.2008 · Posted in Business News Article

Freight shipping, which is usually determined by weight, is the way to go when you have an extremely large package that won't be able to be delivered via traditional methods. A good example of this is furniture delivery - one cannot box up a sofa and bring it into the local post office. ...

What You Should Know About Electric Car Kits

09.17.2008 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

If you want to convert your gas car or truck to an electric car or truck yourself, you will need to use some kind of electric car conversion kit. Electric car kits will give you instructions of how to convert cars to electric cars including how to pick the right type of cars to convert. ...

Car Auction Day – Preparing To Bid Guide

07.27.2008 · Posted in Finance Articles

1. Prior to the Car Auction Event, schedule to be there about 2 hours before the start of the auction. You will want this time to register, find the cars you are interested in bidding on and inspect them before you bid. The more time you allow yourself the better. Also plan on taking with ...