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Universal Studios is chipping their soda cups to limit refills

A room at a Universal Studios Florida hotel tonight will cost you $197-$536 (plus admission tickets to the park), but make sure that you do all your soda drinking in one compact session, because Universal has deployed the creepily named Validfill RFID system, which limits your self-service (that is, you do the labor) ...

McGingerbread ****: bakers celebrate McMansion **** with delicious monster houses

Last month, he amazing architecture-snark criticism site McMansion **** (previously) announced gingerbread house contest to create "the most nubtastic, gawdawful gingerbread McMansion in all of McMansion ****!"

The winners are nothing short of amazing (and delicious): first prize went to Casa de McGingerHell by Beth and Tina C.: "Located centrally and literally ...

Literal breadboarding, with toast and Vegemite

Vegemite has enough salt to be conductive, and is viscous enough to draw distinct traces with on suitable medium (say, toast that has been cooked such that most of the water has evaporated, making it a good insulator), as Luke Weston has ably demonstrated.

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McMansion **** is having a gingerbread house contest!

Kate "McMansion ****" Wagner (previously) has put out a call for "the most nubtastic, gawdawful gingerbread McMansion in all of McMansion ****!" (no styrofoam or support materials allowed) with prizes starting at $200 and a t-shirt and 3 pins from the McMansion **** store. Read the rest


Make: a gingerbread house zoetrope

Andrew Salomone writes, "I work as a preparator for The George Eastman Museum at the Kodak founder's historic estate in Rochester, NY. It's the world's oldest photography museum and has an extensive collection of early photographic and moving image objects, like zoetropes. The house itself is a local landmark and has put on an annual ...

Cranberry orange-bread, 50 years later

Patrick Costello (previously) writes, "My mom shares her recipe for cranberry orange bread with help from my dad. They have been married for fifty years and they are still crazy for each other. The full recipe is in the video description." Read the rest


Low-carb butter pecan cookies

I am super happy with these low-carb but high-fat Butter Pecan Cookies.

I went to Los Angeles a few months ago, and was body shamed. Body shaming ******** are flaming ********, but the flaming ******* was right and I needed to lose some weight.


I went back to eating a super low-carb diet. It has worked for ...

Washington, DC Weight Loss Expert Uncovers The Body-Fat Master Key

10.31.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Are you working with a Washington DC weight loss pro? Weight loss may be your goal, but if you do not know how your body works, chances are good you will miss the key steps to losing weight. This is one of them. What is the master key behind body fat? You may have no ...

Top 10 Foods For Tasty Fat-Loss – Washington, DC Personal Trainer Tells All

08.31.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Changing ones dietary habits is not as easy as it may sound particularly if you feel like it's the end of your relationship with you favorite dishes. Enthusiasm tends to fizzle out when you realize that weight loss requires changing the way you eat entirely. While the words "diet plan" tend to be associated with ...