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Why You Need a Trading Plan?

10.04.2009 · Posted in Management Articles

A trading plan is a part of the strategic planning and management of a business. It actually plays an important role in doing business. This is your ability to face challenges, manage losses and profits, your capability of risk management and some other necessary measures that you should ...

To Be A Successful Investor

07.22.2009 · Posted in Management Articles

Finding the best way of spending your hard earned money is a must if you don't want to see it end down the drain. One way that you can be sure that your money goes to something productive is by investing it in a business. But before you get too excited and order those ...

Lessons from the First Space Strike

On Apollo 13, the crew staged the first strike in the history of space travel. The date was December 27, 1973. Mission Control had sent more commands than the crew could cope with. Commander General Carr put a stop to this when he radioed in to Mission Control. ...