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Senior DHS staffer who oversaw #KidsInCages and the #MuslimBan is now a top Google employee

Miles Taylor as chief of staff to DHS undersecretary Kirstjen Nielsen, publicly defending his boss's implementation of the #MuslimBan ethnic cleansing policy and helping to implement the family separation #KidsInCages policy.

Now he is a Google "government affairs and public policy manager" who styles himself the company's "head of national security policy engagement."

Documents seen by BuzzFeed ...

Ernst and Young subjected women employees to “training” about keeping the company’s men happy

At the height of the #MeToo movement, giant management consulting firm Ersnt and Young (AKA "EY") sent a group of women to Power-Presence-Purpose, a "leadership and empowerment" workshop led by Marsha Clark, who advised them that "Women’s brains absorb information like pancakes soak up syrup so it’s hard for them to focus" and "Men’s brains ...

Griefer terrorizes baby by taking over their Nest babycam…again

Nest is a home automation company that Google bought in 2014, turned into an independent unit of Alphabet, then re-merged with Google again in 2018 (demonstrating that the "whole independent companies under Alphabet" thing was just a flag of convenience for tax purposes); the company has always focused on "ease of use" over security and ...