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New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo declares coronavirus state of emergency, confirms 76 cases

New York governor Andrew Cuomo on Saturday declared a state of emergency in over the coronavirus epidemic, and confirms 76 cases of coronavirus in the state

NY Gov. Cuomo on nursing homes amid coronavirus threat: "That's what I'm worried about. That's what keeps me up at night."

It is also in nearby Connecticut, with news just ...

Top Mueller prosecutor Aaron Zelinsky resigns from Roger Stone case, quits DOJ ‘effective immediately’

BREAKING NEWS: Top Robert Mueller prosecutor Aaron S.J. Zelinsky resigns from the Roger Stone case, effective immediately, he tells the court in a filing.


Zelinsky's filing includes this footnote:

"The Court is advised that the undersigned attorney has resigned effective immediately after this filing as a Special Assistant United States ...

New York state sues Trump admin for Global Entry ban against NYers

NY lawsuit vs. Trump to challenge federal ban on New Yorkers from enrolling in programs that allow travelers to skip ahead at airport security lines

BREAKING NEWS: Don't **** with New York.

New York is suing the Trump Administration because Trump just blocked state residents from enrolling in the Global Entry.

Trump's Department of Homeland Security ...

Romney to vote in favor of article of Trump impeachment on abuse of power

Wow. A single Republican senator has a spine after all.

Utah Senator Mitt Romney says he will vote in favor of the article of impeachment on abuse of power against President Donald John Trump.

“The president is guilty of a flagrant abuse of public trust,” said Romney just now.

“Corrupting an election to keep oneself in office ...

Shots fired near Trump’s Mar-a-Lago, SUV breaches security, 2 female suspects in custody

Friday, Jan. 31, 1:40PM Eastern: FBI spokesman James Marshall tells reporters FBI is aware of an incident at Mar-A-Lago and have agents responding to the scene. A car chase near the resort ended with shots being fired near President Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago resort Friday in Florida, police said. Officials are still determining the details.

Police fired ...

Delta Flight 89 en route LAX for emergency landing dumps jet fuel on school playground in Cudahy — 17 children, 9 adults treated

L.A. City Fire says 2 classes were outside when liquid jet fuel rained down on them from the sky shortly before noon Pacific time. BREAKING NEWS: Delta Airlines flight 89 from Los Angeles to Shanghai was nearing LAX in an emergency landing sequence when it dumped fuel on a school playground, and the kids and teachers ...

Iran War: As U.S. sends 3,500 more troops to mideast, the vibe in Baghdad is bad

PHOTO - In this 2016 photo released by the office of Iran's supreme leader, Revolutionary Guard Gen. Qassem Soleimani, center, attends a meeting with Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei in Tehran. Soleimani was killed yesterday in U.S. airstrike on the Baghdad airport in Iraq.

As the U.S. sends some 3,500 additional troops to the mideast, Washington ...

IRAQ: Rocket strikes reported at US-Iraqi military base near Baghdad airport

BREAKING NEWS: There are reports in the Iraqi capital of missiles striking near Baghdad airport, after a series of explosions were heard.

Citing Iraqi security forces, Al Jazeera reported that rockets targeted a joint US-Iraqi counterterrorism military site in the area. Multiple news agencies in the region are reporting civilian casualties in the rocket attack.

TRUMP IMPEACHED on abuse of power charges in U.S. House of Representatives

President Trump has been impeached on the first count of abuse of power.

The House has voted in favor of Article 1 in the impeachment of Donald J. Trump, voting on party lines, after a long day of gaslighting by GOP reps and reviewing of evidence by Dems.

Tulski Gabbard, the candidate from Moscow, was missing all ...