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Better *** Resolutions for the New Year

12.20.2018 · Posted in Health Articles

With the new year rapidly on the way, it’s time for people to start thinking about resolutions to improve their lives. Hopefully, men reading this already are talking steps to maintain excellent ***** health – but if they are not, that needs to be at the top of their resolutions list! But beyond keeping the ...

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Holiday Gifts for Better ***

12.05.2018 · Posted in Health Articles

The ho-ho-holidays are almost here, and that means that men need to be putting serious thought into the gifts they give to their partners. While most partners expect gifts in a traditional style, many also would enjoy at least one or two gifts with a specific focus – such as helping a couple to enjoy ...

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Locations for Better ***

11.22.2018 · Posted in Health Articles

The adage that the three most important things in real estate are location, location, and location doesn’t exactly apply to better ***. But there’s no denying that changing locations can indeed spruce things up where the bed game is concerned. (Of course, this assumes that ***** health is adequate in the first place.) Mind you, ...

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Great Multiple ****** For Men

11.08.2009 · Posted in Dating Articles

We tend to all understand regarding women ...

Male Enhancement: ***** Pills

06.06.2008 · Posted in Health Articles

The medical breakthroughs that occur every day in terms of Male Enhancement are truly astounding. And with the millions being poured into them every month how could they not be? There are hundreds of different products available that actually do what they promise, add inches to your *****. But there are also ...

G Spot and Discussing ‘Did She Ever Faked an ******?’

08.06.2007 · Posted in Miscellaneous Articles

During stimulation, the first sensation might be the need to go to the loo, possibly because the ****** is on the front wall so your bladder is being pushed. You can check this out by making sure your bladder's empty first then seeing how it feels. The first couple of times it might be a ...

G Spot – More Discussions on ****** With Your Partner

08.05.2007 · Posted in Miscellaneous Articles

Some women say they ********* when their ****** is stimulated. Research has shown that approximately 10 per cent of women expel between 9ml and 900 ml of fluid from the urethra during arousal and ******. A group of scientists examined some of this ejaculatory fluid and discovered prostatic enzymes, fuelling the theory that the ****** ...

G Spot and Fantasy Scenarios

08.01.2007 · Posted in Miscellaneous Articles

The purported location of the ****** has changed over time. Two primary methods have been used to attempt to locate it. The first is based on self-reported levels of arousal during stimulation and the second based on the claim that stimulation of the ****** leads to female ***********. ...

G Spot and ****** Through **** ***********

07.30.2007 · Posted in Miscellaneous Articles

There are a number of different theories about what the ****** or area actually is. One view is that it is an area of prostatic tissue similar to the male prostate. The absence of the Y chromosome in the developing female fetus deposits the cells in a similar location and voila - the ******. Complete ...

G Spot and Side By Side Posistion

07.25.2007 · Posted in Miscellaneous Articles

The G Spot for many women, it's a highly sensitive, highly ****** area that provides hours of pleasure. For others it's a knobbly bit that, when touched too much, creates an overwhelming sensation of needing a wee. Some women can't feel any sensation at all while others don't seem to have one at all. ...