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Hear 99 metal musicians from Pantera, Slayer, etc. cover “99 Bottles of Beer”

Sing along with members of Pantera, Slayer, Mastodon, and 97 other metal musicians performing the folk standard "99 Bottles of Beer!" Listen here: From Spin: The project was put together by Scour's Derek Engemann and Nest's John Jarvis. All proceeds from the song will benefit the Old Dog Haven, a charity that helps old dogs find homes. ...

Brewdog and Aldi poke fun, not lawsuits, at one another

No stranger to IP gaffes, Brewdog brewery reacted perfectly to Aldi's clearly humorous broadsides. How will Aldi respond? Takes a few weeks to brew a new beer… Techdirt: Yeah, this is actually happening. Consider the back and forth here for a moment. Brewdog makes a Punk IPA in a blue can. Aldi decides to release ...

Woman spots her dog, lost in Idaho, on a Florida brewery’s “adoptable dogs” beer can

Last week, Bradenton, Florida brewery Motorworks Brewing made headlines with their idea to put local animal shelter dogs' photos on their beer cans to help with pet adoption. Monica Mathis saw the story and recognized her dog Day Day who went missing three years ago from her Idaho home. So she called. From ...

No, coronavirus has nothing to do with Corona beer

As seen in the above Google Trends graph the last few days, there has been a spike in people searching Google for the words corona, beer, and virus. Don't worry, drinking Corona beer does not cause 2019-nCoV. Below are the results mapped onto regions of the world.

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‘El Chapo’ beer launched by murderous druglord’s daughter

“El Chapo” ran a global narcotics crime ring and escaped two maximum security prisons before being captured, extradited to the United States in 2017, found guilty in 2019, and sentenced to life in prison.

Joaquin “El Chapo” Guzman's daughter Alejandrina Guzman just launched a beer branded with her dad's name, because nothing matters.

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Juno is a countertop appliance that chills your bottle of wine in minutes, literally

01.05.2020 · Posted in Technology Articles

Ever need a glass of wine so badly that you truly cannot wait for the bottle to chill in the fridge? At CES 2020, we found something that could very well solve this first-world problem, and it's called Juno. At first glance, you probably can't tell t... ...

Walmart Grocery now offers curbside alcohol pickup at 2,000 U.S. stores

The online grocery wars continue. Amazon this week just made grocery delivery free, so Walmart is now touting how its grocery service offers the *****. The retailer today announced a new milestone in terms of giving its customers the ability to shop for alcohol online, noting that over 2,000 Walmart locations across 29 states will ...

A 1953 colloquium pondered the question “Did Man Once Live By Beer Alone?”

The folks at JSTOR Daily have unearthed the proceedings of a 1953 colloquium that pondered a great question: Did early humanity first cultivate grain not for the purpose of making bread -- but brewing beer? Or, as official title of the event asked, "Did Man Once Live By Beer Alone?"

If the latter is true, ...