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Bear that strolled through CA neighborhood is back in forest where he belongs

The large black bear in this video was observed ambling around a Monrovia, California neighborhood last Friday morning. The bear walked through residential lawns, driveways and rested in a nearby alley.

The Monrovia Police Department says officers observed the bear's activities, after people phoned in, and called state Department of Fish and Wildlife workers to the ...

This ‘foster mom’ bear is raising a cub saved by a dog

An orphaned black bear cub has been placed with a substitute bear mom this week after the little baby bear was saved by a family dog, and tenderly brought to safety.

The amazing images of the rescued black bear cub in this post are from the Wildlife Center of Virginia, you can donate to ...

Dumpster diving bear rescued from trash can

In Northern California, sheriff's deputies helped a large bear get out of a locked trash bin, which the bear somehow managed to get stuck inside while dumpster diving for dinner.

The bear was discovered Monday in a locked trash bin in Kings Beach, on Lake Tahoe’s northern shore, by Placer County sheriff’s deputies. From AP:

Video the ...

Watch a black bear break into a middle school

A young black bear broke into Fretz Middle School in Bradford, Pennsylvania. As it was evening, the only humans inside were the custodians. The bear eventually left of its own accord.

I'm positive that this was the plot of an (ahem) Berenstein Bears book I read as a child. Read the rest


Beekeeper uses bears to taste test his honey

Trabzon is a northeastern province of Turkey. You'll find a lot of light industry there: small farmers, plantations growing tea and craftsman. It also happens to be home to some of the most sought-after honey in the world.

Ibrahim Sedef, is a beekeeper who, along with his bees, works in the region, producing Anzer honey. It's ...

This fat bear cam bear shouldn’t be at the river. But he’s on to something.

08.14.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles

August is a notoriously sleepy time for the bear cams. The salmon run slows on Katmai National Park's Brooks River, so the bears depart for richer feeding grounds nearby. (Don't worry, the ravenous omnivores return in September to gobble salmon carca... ...

Bear breaks into a house and escapes ‘like the Kool-Aid Man’ when the cops arrive

08.12.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles

Bears are a lot like the Kool-Aid Man, and no you cannot change my mind. Allow me to explain: Both are constantly seeking refreshment, and will break down any walls in their way to find it.  The parallel was not lost on the Colorado homeowners w... ...