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Kim Kardashian wants a ‘zen-like CBD-themed’ baby shower

04.04.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles

Kim Kardashian is expecting her fourth child via a surrogate and is looking forward to taking it easy with her pre-baby celebrations this year, telling E! News she wants a "zen-like CBD-themed" baby shower. Read more...More about Celebrities, Mashabl... ...

The best UK deals for Wednesday: Philips juicers, Kenwood mixers, Oral-B toothbrushes, and more

01.09.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles

To all those who have stayed true to their New Year's resolutions, we salute you. To those that have fallen by the wayside, we get it.  If your resolution was to eat healthier then a little slip up now and then is nothing to be ashamed of, and i... ...

Most popular baby names of 2018

Each year, Baby Center polls parents to find out what they named their newborn. In 2018, more than 742,000 parents answered.

Based on that data, here are the top baby names for 2018.


1. Sophia 2. Olivia 3. Emma 4. Ava 5. Isabella 6. Aria 7. Riley 8. Amelia 9. Mia 10. Layla


1. Jackson 2. Liam 3. Noah 4. Aiden 5. Caden 6. Grayson 7. Lucas 8. Mason 9. Oliver 10. Elijah

Sophia celebrates her ...