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Most popular baby names of 2018

Each year, Baby Center polls parents to find out what they named their newborn. In 2018, more than 742,000 parents answered.

Based on that data, here are the top baby names for 2018.


1. Sophia 2. Olivia 3. Emma 4. Ava 5. Isabella 6. Aria 7. Riley 8. Amelia 9. Mia 10. Layla


1. Jackson 2. Liam 3. Noah 4. Aiden 5. Caden 6. Grayson 7. Lucas 8. Mason 9. Oliver 10. Elijah

Sophia celebrates her ...

Heather used to be a popular baby name

Dan Kopf charts the epic rise and fall of the name "Heather".

A Quartz analysis of US baby-name data that goes back to 1880 finds that no name in history has become so popular and then flamed out quite like Heather. At its peak in 1975, more than 24,000 girls were named Heather, making it ...

Stuff to Contemplate While Naming Your Infant

10.18.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

When new parents decide on naming their baby, individuals are inclined to fall into 2 broad categories: individuals who fancy a exclusive name for their child and those who think its ok picking a regular first name. As expected, there are positives and negatives to each of the options. Just take a look at unique ...

Think You are Ready to Have a Baby?

08.15.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Just as soon as you move into your own place, parents will often ask if you are planning to get married. Once you do get married, then your parents start asking when you and your new spouse are planning to have their grandchildren. They look forward to having grandchildren to spoil, show off ...

All Of Your Baby Naming Options

07.03.2009 · Posted in Kids Articles

Each and every moment of a woman's pregnancy is special and joyous, but amongst the parts that parents look most forward to is picking the name for the new baby. ...