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BIGTIME TOMMIE, an Instagram of pure greatness

I want to thank @mikejonesfl for bringing BIGTIME TOMMIE into my life. He's right, this is the best Instagram.

Let's take a look at BIGTIME TOMMIE's Instagram bio.


I'm down.

Let's get to business. Here is a smattering of what makes this guy Tommie ...

Holiday carols, one-handed guitar, stump duct tape pick

“I was born without my right hand and play guitar with a duct tape pick I made,” says IMGURian abshow. “I play drums too!”

Here is the ABShow YouTube channel.

This is a clip of my drum cover of Pentatonix' version of this Christmas classic! Hope you enjoy -- feel free to SHARE and let me ...

Puppy still figuring out her wee little dog barking voice (SOUND ON!)

You will definitely want to unmute this one. And be prepared to freak out your dogs.

“I’m getting bigger and finding my voice,” says @penelopefauxfrenchie.

She's a French Bulldog, or a Frenchie. OK, sound on! Listen:

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I’m getting bigger and finding my voice. ...

Freddie Mercury chocolate cake


Full image below, click for large size.

Christine McConnell wins cake **** internet with this incredible creation: A Freddie Mercury chocolate cake, to honor the singer of 'Queen'.

Here's Christine on Reddit.

Via REDDIT/IMGUR. Read the rest


Nothing is worse than “abysmal” and nothing is better than “incredible”

YouGov surveyed Britons to learn how positively or negatively they responded to 24 different words used to indicate levels of goodness or badness. "Fantastic," "superb," "brilliant," and "incredible" topped the list of positive terms, while "terrible," "awful," and "abysmal" were the most negative. "Awesome" does not appear on the list, which makes me think ...