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How to get a car even with bad credit

03.31.2009 · Posted in Business News Article

Are you looking for a car but have a bad credit? Many auto loan sites on the Web will gladly accommodate you but this is like jumping from the frying pan into the fire. ...

Brake repair tips

03.31.2009 · Posted in Business News Article

Are brake repairs critical? Of course! Brakes keep your family safe. But are brake repairs and parts for imports expensive? You bet! Brake rotors for import cars, unlike domestics, are built with minimal thickness to save weight - meaning they can't be "turned"; they must be replaced. ...

Top cars for teens

03.31.2009 · Posted in Business News Article

Putting your teenager on wheels is a tough decision, but I think it's a good idea. A car can expand a student's educational horizons, allowing that person to take advantage of opportunities like off-site classes and internships. ...

Protect yourself from car scams

03.30.2009 · Posted in Business News Article

You need a car but have limited cash. You search the Web to find one that fills your needs. In the course of searching, you stumble on classified ads sites like Craigslist. ...

With a “guide” it’s easy to build a Hydrogen Fuel Cell

02.10.2009 · Posted in Vehicles Articles

There have been all kinds of hype over utilizing hydrogen power in cars, and how to build a hydrogen fuel cell for your automobile. If you think you might want to build one and use it in your car, there are a few facts you need to know before you get started. ...