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The legendary console Led Zeppelin used to record ‘Stairway to Heaven’ goes up for sale

Boy, oh boy, if this Helios console could talk, it would have some serious stories to tell.

Not only did Led Zeppelin use it to record their now-classic hit "Stairway to Heaven," but many other musical artists have recorded on it too. Now, it will be sold to the highest bidder (it's expected to fetch ...

Actually, Banksy meant to shred the whole painting. Now it’s likely worth much more.

10.19.2018 · Posted in Technology Articles

In a 'Director's half cut' uploaded on YouTube, Banksy revealed the secret shredding mechanism he had installed inside the frame of a copy of  “Girl With Balloon.” It was supposed to shred the whole canvas, but seems to have gotten s... ...

Formula For YOUR Success!

12.19.2011 · Posted in Internet Marketing

Outline your tasks daily using the day timer you will know what day and time you canrnrepost your advertisements or emails to Safelists. This is a great time saver. If in case you have a number ofrne mail accounts a program known as Thunderbird by Mozilla is tops, login one place andrncheck ...