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Computer Vision made Autonomous Vehicles intelligent

06.09.2021 · Posted in Writing and Speaking

The evolution of the automobile is quite interesting to understand. In 1700 we had a Steam and Electricity powered car. Later in the 1800s, we had the first patented gas-powered car. There was no looking back since then. From a car with no windshields and steering wheel, we now have a driverless car! Introduction of ...

Object Detection of Water Bodies

05.21.2021 · Posted in Writing and Speaking

Water is the vital natural resource for human survival and development, as well as an important restriction factor of the Eco-environment. Accurate quantitative water body recognition is crucial to many applications including environmental monitoring, resource survey, flood assessment, and drought detection. The presented research addresses a pervasive crucial concern, volumetric detection of water bodies. Introduction ...

Launch of Vehicle Detection on ESRI

05.19.2021 · Posted in Writing and Speaking

Aventior has signed a long-term partnership with ESRI to become an ESRI marketplace provider for AI and Deep Learning Solutions. Aventior is excited to announce the launch of its Vehicle Detection Deep Learning Algorithm on the ESRI marketplace. Detecting vehicles and determining their count from satellite imagery is a complex and time-consuming approach. For handling such intricate tasks, deep learning models offer ...

The future of Digital E-Commerce

04.20.2021 · Posted in Writing and Speaking

In today’s world, advancement in technology is resulting in customers expecting a very intuitive shopping experience. Digital eCommerce platforms and application leaders should focus on these key capabilities which will impact its future. Technology will help them differentiate from their competitors and attract new customers in the following ways:A B2C experience has become ubiquitous, and ...

Top Satellite Imagery Sources

04.12.2021 · Posted in Technology Articles

The approximate number of satellites orbiting the earth is 2666. These satellites provide us the images of the earth which is known as Satellite Imagery. The images are used for communication purposes, for observation of Earth, and for navigation purposes. Governments and businesses around the world have ownership rights of these satellites. The satellites are ...

Artificial Intelligence Market Share

04.09.2021 · Posted in Writing and Speaking

Artificial Intelligence Market Share is valued at USD 23.94 Billion in 2018 and expected to reach USD 208.49 Billion by 2025 with the CAGR of 36.2% over the forecast period. The report covers comprehensive data on emerging trends, market drivers, growth opportunities, and restraints that can change the market dynamics of the report. It provides ...

What is Artificial Intelligence and Why It is Important- Zoefact

03.04.2021 · Posted in Technology Articles

In engineering, AI (AI), generally referred to as machine intelligence, is intelligence incontestable by machines, in distinction to the natural intelligence displayed by humans. Conversationally, the term “artificial intelligence” is usually accustomed describe machines (or computers) that mimic “cognitive” functions that humans come with the human mind, like “learning” and “problem solving”. As machines become ...

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Mopedo – the AI Integrated Bike Taxi Launching in 2021

01.29.2021 · Posted in Writing and Speaking

Mopedo is an AI Integrated advanced bike taxi service that is going to be launched in 2021 across every tier-1 and tier-2 cities of the South India Region. Mopedo application will be available on both Android and Ios platforms with user friendly internal navigation and security. If you are a working individual or searching for ...

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Chatbot Development for a Smarter and Effective Workflow

11.06.2020 · Posted in Writing and Speaking

Chatbots are computer programmed chatty interfaces which are integrated on the website or mobile (app) platform or on social messaging podia such as Facebook Messenger to pretend a natural conversation with people in a textual or auditory way. Chatbots are in an IT industry since around half a century. Chatbots are now receiving more traction ...

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