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Zoom patches Windows vulnerability that let attackers steal your Windows login from dodgy chat links

The suddenly popular videoconferencing app Zoom has issued a patch for a vulnerability in its Windows client that allowed attackers to steal the user's Windows login credentials from malicious chat links.

Hi @zoom_us & @NCSC - here is an example of exploiting the Zoom Windows client using UNC path injection ...

Need of Feedback Software for Ministry of Army and Defense

01.03.2020 · Posted in Computer Articles, Technology Articles

<***>military feedback software

In any business or organization, the customer is the king. Anything and everything starts with the customer and ends with them. And so, it is necessary to have a satisfied customer base for increased brand loyalty and trust. For this very reason, almost all businesses today rely on technology. ...

Review: SpotHero should be called SpotZero

SpotHero is an app that lets you reserve parking in advance. It seemed like a cool idea, so I installed it and gave it a try when I had a business lunch on Tuesday. I entered the name of the restaurant in Hollywood and SpotHero showed me a map of parking spots near the restaurant. ...

This app turns your iPhone into an iPod

Rewound is a free iPhone app that simulates the iPod Classic click wheel interface. How did its creator Louis Anslow manage to get it approved for the App Store? From 9to5Mac:

The app used some tricks to get through the App Store review process, which generally prohibits the use of images from Apple products or ...

The Catalan independence movement is being coordinated by an app designed for revolutions

Tsunami Democràtic is a radical, decentralized wing of the resurgent Catalan independence movement, centered around an anonymously authored app designed to coordinate revolutionary uprisings.

The Tsunami Democràtic app embodies the "be water" motto of the Hong Kong uprising and builds on the Sukey anti-kettling app from the UK's 2011 student protests: it can ...

6 of the best VPNs for Chrome

10.16.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles

6 of the best VPNs for Chrome

Google Chrome is the most popular web browser in the world, and it's already highly secure, making it the best choice for those worried about their privacy and safety online. 

One of the great things about the browser is that you can easily customise it and add extensions ...

WhatsApp fixes security bug that let hackers take over with a GIF

A spokesperson for the Facebook-owned WhatsApp says the company has fixed a security vulnerability that let hackers take control of the messaging app by way of a malicious GIF.

"We have no reason to believe this affected any users, though of course we are always working to provide the latest security features to our users," ...