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Foreclosure Defenses – Requesting Documents Through Discovery

09.30.2009 · Posted in Mortgage Articles

When homeowners are involved in a foreclosure lawsuit, either defending against the bank or initiating their own to stop a sheriff sale, there is a vast amount of information that can be obtained from the bank. ...

Can Appraisers Be Held Liable for Fraudulent Property Valuations?

09.16.2009 · Posted in Mortgage Articles

In retaliation for the filing of bankruptcy by a borrower, banks and their lawyers have read ambiguous contract clauses to allow the imposition of ridiculous junk fees on accounts. ...

Defense to Foreclosure – What does UDAP Stand For?

08.31.2009 · Posted in Mortgage Articles

In many cases, homeowners may be able to raise defenses based on their state's Unfair and Deceptive Acts and Practices laws (UDAP laws). Each state differs a little in their definitions of what constitutes these types of actions. ...

How to Evade Liability Lawsuits as a Real Estate Appraiser

04.26.2007 · Posted in Health Care Articles

As an evaluator in the real estate world, the danger of lawsuits is real. credit agencies relentlessly pressure you for higher values, lenders are looking for fall guys, and notorious "investors" are looking for a sucker to help them commit mortgage fraud. Here are a few methods you have to do so as to manage ...