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WSJ: Apple dominates smartphone market because it supports old phones and no-one wants low-end Android models

Christopher Mims poses that the reason that Apple remains top of the pile in the U.S. phone business is the used-carification of the market. "It's not just lavish marketing and the threat of green bubbles," he writes. "Apple's commitment to supporting ... ...

Why there’s a cult market for really old iPods

A growing community of music fans and makers love the old iPods that Apple discontinued years ago. When their devices die or need better batteries or more storage, they send them to people like Manuel Mantecon (aka Pichi) who refurbishes them in his North Carolina bathroom workshop. From OneZero:

Pichi said that he’s not that ...

Apple deleted files that I owned without telling me. It was inevitable, but I’m still ******.

I've been using iTunes Match since the service launched in 2011, and it's been nothing but great until now. At the time, I had a personal laptop and a work computer, along with an iPhone that maybe held 16 gigs. The fact that I could just upload my extensive music library up to Apple's servers ...

Sales of Apple Watches eclipse watch sales of entire Swiss watch industry

Sales of Swiss watches are declining, and sales of Apple watches are rising steeply. This must be a surprise to the makers of Swiss luxury watches, who lifted their imperious snouts in disdain at the cough-drop shaped Apple Watch when it first came out. From Enrique Dans's piece in Forbes, titled, How Apple Killed ...

China virus outbreak may impact Apple iPhone if China extends Foxconn factory halt

Coronavirus, which WHO declared a global health emergency, threatens to disrupt Chinese manufacturing

The deadly virus outbreak that began in Wuhan, China continues to spread and claim lives around the world. At this time, still, the vast majority of infected patients and deaths are in mainland China, Hubei province.

The epidemic is also impacting