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Reporter who fled bison gets an official national park safety poster

03.30.2020 · Posted in Technology Articles

On March 25, NBC reporter Deion Broxton made the wise decision to avoid a herd of bison. Broxton's judgment to hastily pack up his camera, which was still recording, went viral. (The good kind of viralNot this kind.) "Oh no, I'm not messing with you,... ...

Coyotes on the streets of San Francisco

La espectacular imagen de un coyote sobre el puente Golden Gate, en San Francisco. La llegada de animales salvajes a las ciudades desiertas es un hecho #COVID2019 #QuedateEnTuCasa #COVID19 #LugaresyMás

— Lugares y Más (@_LugaresyMas) March 25, 2020

While coyotes are occasionally spotted in San Francisco's ...

Take a break from stressing and watch these puppies explore an aquarium

03.26.2020 · Posted in Technology Articles

Since many non-essential businesses are closed to limit the spread of the coronavirus, aquariums are largely left empty.  Which means it's the perfect time for shelter animals to make some aquatic friends.  The Atlanta Humane Society brough... ...

Soothing video of cats and dominoes is the perfect distraction from coronavirus

03.19.2020 · Posted in Technology Articles

As the world hunkers down during the coronavirus pandemic, were all left trying to find some kind of comfort while isolating ourselves from the outside world.With that in mind, a tweet from the user @ziyatong went... well... viral this week, and ... ...

Newly discovered c.1933 footage of the extinct Tasmanian Tiger (thylacine)

The Tasmanian tiger (thylacine) was a beautiful carnivorous marsupial that went extinct in the 1930s in part due to human hunting and encroachment on the animal's natural habitats. (To this day though, people report occasional sightings in the region.) There are a handful of film clips of the Thylacine shot at the Beaumaris zoo and ...

****** Komodo dragon had three babies

A female Komodo dragon named Charlie who lives at the Chattanooga Zoo had three hatchlings without ever having mated. Charlie's hatchlings were born last year but the zoo only recently determined via DNA testing that a male named Kadal who shared her habitat wasn't the father. Indeed, there was no father. Komodo dragons are ...

Trash panda wears cute pajamas

“Say hello to Meeko,” says IMGURian @Lifeisfull12.

“Yeah. He's got jammies...”

“Meeko is my friend's domesticated trash panda. He has raised him from a cub. Meeko is the best.”

Gentle reminder: Wildlife belong in the wild, not at home. Please do not do this at home.

Say hello to Meeko

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Bear that strolled through CA neighborhood is back in forest where he belongs

The large black bear in this video was observed ambling around a Monrovia, California neighborhood last Friday morning. The bear walked through residential lawns, driveways and rested in a nearby alley.

The Monrovia Police Department says officers observed the bear's activities, after people phoned in, and called state Department of Fish and Wildlife workers to the ...