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Gemstone Jewellery: How to Find the Most Suitable and Trending Design?

10.27.2018 · Posted in Jewelry Articles

Throughout the 1900’s the diamonds were the dominant force when it came to be adorning oneself with luxurious form of jewellery. However, the generation who are a part of the millennial age group are open to wearing different forms of precious stones. Now a days, jewellery studded with coloured stones have gained immense popularity in ...

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Discover What You Should Know About Birthstones In Jewelry

09.16.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Birthstones are utilized as a means to commemorate the month that you are born in. There is a completely different stone and different color stone that is used for a particular month. ...

The Value of Gemstones

08.29.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

It is common to see every guest especially the ladies in different social gathering wearing jewelries. These jewelries make anyone who wears them feel more confident about themselves especially if the gemstones that make up their jewellery are priced at a high value. But aside from the enticing look of those gems in every piece ...

Diamond and Amethyst for people who love the color purple

03.27.2009 · Posted in Jewelry Articles

The gem stone amethyst is a rare and special color of purple. Purple is said to induce our highest level of spiritual energy and hence it was mostly reserved in the olden days for the robes and cloaks of the clergy as well as royalty. Also, several centuries ago, amethyst was also worn to protect ...

Get To Know The Secrets Of Natural Healing And Detoxification

10.18.2008 · Posted in Health Articles

Most of us look for a temporary healing for all aches and pains of arthritis, rheumatism, numbness, joint pain, and many more. And many people search for the solution for all the life problems in the natural way. The natural treatments do provide relief in their life than the consumption of pills prescribed by ...