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10.22.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Our today’s world is very specialized. We expect perfect quality from everything. This can be a small iPod a beautiful new car.nnTo ensure this high quality a product is created and developed by lots of people, everyone a professional in his own domain. This kind of development process needs much more communication between the involved people.nnA groupware or communication platform can help you to sync all the different productivity processes and ensure that you reach your goal within your estimated time frame and a satisfying result.nnEasiness and functionality. No one wants to spend hours and hours by finding out how things work. Therefore a modern communication platform needs to be easy understandable and should be intuitive. Imagine you have a chat system where all your team members are online and it takes you minutes to find out how to send a message – you simply won’t do that.nnWhat should your new groupware do? Which functions are a must have? I’ll make it short. You need appointments, tasks, notes, emails, a contact manager and a chat. This is all you need to organize your and your team member’s day and to communicate with them. Of course there are platforms with much more functions available, but remember: The more features a program has, the more difficult it becomes to keep track of the important things. When people have too many options, they simply refuse and won’t use your new system.nnDon’t put everything online. Yes, there are a couple of online services which offer a rich set of functions and you don’t have to set up a system within your company. But what happens, when you get to work and the web service is not there anymore? Are you still able to work, when you don’t have an internet connection? And – do you trust these guys to send them all your data? It’s safer to have everything local within your company and modern groupware and personal information managing systems offer access via the internet, too. So you don’t have to stop working, when you’re on the way.

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