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Until further notice please note our submission policy at ArticleTrunk has changed. Due to the number of short articles written more for advertising than providing information, all submissions MUST be of good quality content preferably 1000 words although some articles slightly shorter may be considered if the content is good. Our goal is for ArticleTrunk to provide the reader, publishers and webmasters with good quality ezines even if that limits the number of articles online.


Each article we receive is reviewed to ensure it is original, quality content written by you. This review is performed to protect our publishers and website owners to ensure the articles they use are of the highest quality.


The TITLE of the article must not already exist in our database. It is your responsibility to perform a Search using the box provided to check for duplicate content. The title must not be in all CAPS or BOLD. The title MUST be in title format: capitalize the first letter of each word. URLs are not accepted in the title and will be removed by our editors.


ORIGINAL ARTICLES is defined as an article written by you and not copied or purchased from another source.


AN ARTICLE VERSUS AN ADVERTISEMENT is defined as containing information useful to the reader on the topic of the article and is not an advertisement for a particular product or service. Use your expertise on the specific topic, share your experiences, provide tips and/or analysis you have performed, techniques you have developed, etc. Save your advertisement for your resource box.


PUBLIC DOMAIN and PRIVATE RIGHTS are not original articles written by you. Take into consideration how you will look when another article just like yours is found with another author name. This will defeat your purpose in circulating articles to increase your expertise.


LINKS are not allowed in the body of the article. You may reference other sites as reference only; the link must not contain affiliate coding; hot links are acceptable in the Reference Box only. Only one (1) outgoing link is allowed in the Resource Box. Articles with more than 1 link will be DELETED by our editors. Any other articles written by you may also be deleted.


PREVIEW YOUR ARTICLE before submitting to our site. If your article must be reformatted due to hard line breaks, punctuation, etc. it will be rejected.


ADULT MATERIAL is not allowed; this includes ***********, links to other adult sites, hate or violence related, obscene, insulting, degrading, or profanity related words and/or phrases; offensive images or text of any kind, including ******* on the destination site is not allowed. Articles related to breast and ***** enlargement supplements or exercises are not accepted; articles about *** toys are not accepted.


VIOLENCE related material of any kind is not allowed; this includes anything that is against the law and includes violence related procedures, computer hacking and anything else that is considered against the law.


AN ARTICLE MAY ONLY BE SUBMITTED ONCE regardless of category. Use the search box to determine if your article has already been submitted; duplicates will be declined.


PRESS RELEASE should be used for all current announcements you would like to make pertaining to your service or product. These will be deleted by the Article Trunk as they lose their relevancy. A future upgrade will allow you additional features on Press Releases.


ARTICLE PARTS are not allowed. Please submit separate articles with unique titles. Part 1, Part 2, etc. does not make the article title unique. Let the reader choose which article(s) they want to read with your unique title.


LINE BREAKS must not be forced in your article. Use natural word wrap when inputting your article. The article will then be formatted on our site.


MINIMUM ARTICLE size is 1000 Words although some exceptions will be made for slightly shorted if they are of valuable content. You can check your word count in Word; just copy/paste into word; select Tools and Word Count. All articles waiting for approval are checked daily for minimum word count. Articles that do not meet the minimum size are AUTOMATICALLY DELETED.


MAXIMUM SIZES to be observed: a) Title 100 characters, b) Summary 500 characters; c) Body 5000 characters; Keywords 150 characters; Reference Box 500 characters.


ARTICLE CATEGORY selected must contain a catetory and sub-category. Articles with only a category will be automatically deleted. If you are unsure of the sub-category to use, select the Category and “Other” sub-category.


ARTICLE CREATION must be performed on your computer. It is your responsibility to create, edit and save your article on your computer. It is your responsibility to ensure your article formats correctly on our site by using the Preview option. We will not edit your articles for you. Articles that do not format properly will be declined.


SPELLING AND GRAMMAR must be correct or your article will be declined. It is your responsibility to validate your article before submitting to our directory. We will not edit your article for you. Spelling errors may be the result of missing spaces between words. Copy/paste your article into Word to verify your spelling and grammer.


HTML is not needed to submit your article. Enter the summary, body and resource information using natural line wrap using single space with double space between paragraphs. You may use HTML to bold and underline sub-headings. You may use HTML to create bullet lines within the body of the article. Other HTML, including colors will cause your article to be declined.


FORMATTING should remain as simple as possible. Websites looking to publish articles do not want bold and other complex formats on their sites. Your article should be single spaced with a double space between paragraphs. We do not accept embedded images in articles. When in doubt, review some of the recently approved articles on the home page.


ARTICLE SUBMISSION SERVICES – We no longer accept articles from article submission services. If your article is submitted without a sub-category, it will be assumed to originate from a submission service ALL YOUR ARTICLES MAY BE DELETED.


PRODUCT REPRESENTATION – If your article contains information about a product or service that you represent, it is your responsibility to validate that your claims are true and are approved for publication. If we receive a complaint, your account will be inactivated and ALL ARTICLES WILL BE DELETED.


ARTICLE QUOTA PER DAY – You may submit up to three (3) articles per day. This restriction will prevent an approval backlog for other authors. Authors that submit more than three (3) articles in one day will have the excess articles AUTOMATICALLY DELETED.


LANGUAGE – We accept articles in English ONLY.


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