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St Pete Beach Top of List in Florida

04.04.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

People come here to bring families for vacations, to seek solitary time in the sun, to have their wedding on what was voted one of Floridas top beaches, to fish at the dock or on a charter boat, to get away from Disney World for the rest of the week, or to be in the perfect location ” half way almost between north and south Florida and still on the coast. You can go running every morning by the water, in relative peace, or catch a fishing charter for the day or half day. Whatever the reason, the beauty of this area is one main pull.nnYou may be wondering about the different names of the area you knew as a kid coming here with your family. St Pete Beach became a separate city of about 10,000 people, and includes Passagrille, Belle Vista and what was called St. Petersburg Beach. Then there is the city of St. Petersburg to the east. Don’t worry, everyone there knows what you are talking about.nnThere are 39 acres of public beach to enjoy, and almost that many of park area. People keep coming back as the beaches are beautiful, the rates are good if you are on a budget, and avoiding the spring break college crowd at Daytona has its own benefits. The crowds can swell at the beach but not in the same wild party way. nnIf you want public transportation instead of renting a vehicle, try the Beach Trolley which winds its way around the Gulf Boulevard every 30 to 40 minutes and will take you into St. Petersburg, Clearwater and the Tampa Bay area if you wish via connections. There is Bats Taxi Service which knows the area well, and can be more economical if you are coming with several people from Tampa International airport rather than taking a shuttle. Bats is at 727-367-3702.nnSome people prefer a private residence rather than a hotel even if that means walking to the beach a few blocks instead of being right by the water. According to one woman from Denver I met on the beach, she and her husband keep renting small homes from Frank Hurley Associates rental and real estate office, and it is has been a popular choice for those people flexible about not being right on the sandy beach. 1-8–=783-6929.nnAnd don’t forget to check out the Honda Grand Prix at St Pete Beach during April/09 if you are lucky enough to be the area!

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