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Stop Your Puppy From Peeing In The House

08.23.2009 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

Crate training your puppy can be very beneficial to you and your puppy. Many people mistake the crate as being a place to punish the puppy, when actually this is the safest spot for the puppy to go once the puppy gets used to it. nnIf you have a crate and leave it open, your puppy will start to go to it when he gets sleepy or when he gets confused. Although puppies tend to like crates, you shouldnt overuse one by allowing him to spend hours at a time inside of one. nnWhile you should be training him to get used to the crate, you should never allow him out if he is barking. Once your puppy starts to appreciate the crate, you can leave him in it for a few hours here and there – such as when you are away from home.nnSo if you are planning on buying or getting a puppy, you should have already invested in a crate. This is to assure that the puppy knows exactly where it is when you first introduce the puppy into your home. The best places to place your crate are anywhere there is not heavy traffic, such as right in front of a bathroom. nnNow that you have the puppy home for the first time you should have the door to the crate open. You want the puppy to familiarize himself with the crate as soon as possible, it can also help to put puppy toys or even a dog treat to lure the puppy inside. Make sure you reward the puppy when it enters the crate for the first time. nnIf your puppy stays in the crate on his own, praise him for it. Once your puppy starts getting in the habit of going into the crate on his own, you should place a new toy or treat inside for him to play with. nnThe next step is getting the puppy used to the crate when the door is closed. This is the final step to crate train your puppy, and you should not let the puppy out if they start to whine, which they will in most cases. The puppy must be completely calm before you let the puppy out of the crate. nnEven though it may take some time, crate training is great for your puppy. You can use the crate when you need to leave, when you have family over, or for when your puppy has a medical condition such as diarrhea. If you use a bit of patience and never use the crate for punishment, your puppy should catch on to the crate pretty quick.

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