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Steven Baumgart DDS receives Top Dentist 2014 by 5280

11.17.2014 · Posted in Health Articles

Lakewood, CO (Oct. 28, 2014) – Top dentists are few and far between, but Lakewood CO has one. Dr. Steve Baumgart, DDS has been voted Top Dentist for 2014 by 5280, Denver’s city magazine. This is good news for everyone in the Lakewood area, and also for the surrounding Denver environs.

Specializing in general dentistry, the variety of services provided by Steve Baumgart DDS covers the best of a broad range that most people look for in a dentist. They use the latest techniques and cutting edge tools and procedures to provide the best possible care for patients who trust them with their oral health. From Drill-less dentistry to same-day crowns, everything is focused on the individual patient and keeps their needs up front.

Working with each patient to develop a plan for the best oral health is another specialty of Steve Baumgart DDS. Sometimes it isn’t just a one-time need when you go visit a dentist – it is the tip of the iceberg, and something more extensive or all-encompassing is needed. This is where you want to have experts who understand the varying needs of a wide range of patients are willing to work with those individuals to craft a comprehensive roadmap to a beautiful smile.

A great smile is a confidence booster – it is a proven fact that those who can smile without worrying that their teeth are not attractive do better at work and in school and with relationships. There is just something about clean, pretty teeth that speaks to the person as a whole – at least this is the perception. So anything that you can do to improve those teeth is a benefit in more ways than one. Promotions, job interviews, client meet-and-greets, classroom interactions, dates – these are just some of the situations where a great smile edges you forward from the pack.

Getting that step ahead shouldn’t be a hassle, and that is exactly what Steve Baumgart DDS believes for every patient or potential patient who walks through the door. Excellent service, knowledgeable and understanding staff, professionalism with courtesy, and the constant striving to be even better through ongoing education and customer engagement make Steve Baumgart DDS one of the top dentists, making 5280’s 2014 best list. They are absolutely dedicated to making each patient feel like the only patient with every interaction.

If looking for personalized attention with efficient care and the kind of easy-going atmosphere that sets one at ease, then the practice of Steve Baumgart DDS is probably the one for you. They are looking at their customer relationships as lifetime commitments for both immediate and forward-thinking preventative care. That means that not only do they want to serve potential patients for problems that create that immediate need to go see a dentist, but also for the plan to eliminate issues with oral health that can create those immediate needs – ongoing and preventative procedures for a better smile.

Steve Baumgart is a leading dentist located in Lakewood, CO. For more information regarding the services offered by Steve Baumgart, please visit

Contact Steve Baumgart DDS at 720-763-9070 or visit them online at

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