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Staying Active During Pregnancy – 5 Great Tips

09.04.2008 · Posted in Home and Garden Articles

I experienced how hard it can be to exercise and be active in order to be fit healthy when you are expecting a child. It can be very difficult and frustrating.rnrnWhen I first learned that my husband and I were expecting our first child I knew that I wanted to continue to workout and exercise as much as I possibly could. I am fortunate in that I have always loved to swim, go canoeing, run road races and power-walk. My doctor told me and I just knew that the fitter I was during the pregnancy, the better off I and the baby would be.rnrnWell, a couple of the months of the pregnancy went by and I was doing great – running a couple of times a week – and then I was gaining weight and my level of commitment was reducing daily. It became simpler to go to work and come home and relax – and to forgo any form of working out. I started to get a bit frustrated with my lack of physical activity so I decided to make it a personal focal point for myself to get back to being active again.rnrnHere are the 5 things that worked for me while I was expecting…rnrn1. No time like the present. If you are still in the first part of the pregnancy try to get active right away. It may be as simple as an evening walk through the neighbourhood. The sooner you start the easier it will be as you progress through your expectancy.rnrn2. Tell your partner, friends and other family members of your plan to stay active during the pregnancy. They may chose to be active with (that`s a wonderful added bonus) – but more importantly is that they will remind you of your commitment to be active. They can provide you with the encouragement that you may need on those days when you just don`t want to work out. rnrn3. Find a partner to be active with. Find someone who shares similar interests and goals as you. My dad has always been a runner and I knew how important being physically active was to him. We ran together before I was pregnant, and this continued throughout my pregnancy. You might find a good friend, or your spouse has similar interests as you, so set up a schedule with them and commit to it.rnrn4. Motivate yourself. Think about what you can realistically achieve – maybe it is to exercise for 30 minutes four times per week; maybe your goal is to get ready to run a 5 mile race – and then actually run it and complete it; maybe your objective is to walk in a 8 mile fundraising event. Establishing something to aim for can be a powerful motivating force for many of us – I know that it was for me.rnrn5. Mix it up. Maybe today you will swim some laps at the local YMCA; and then tomorrow you will take a brisk 30 minute walk through the neighbourhood; and maybe later in the week take an hour-long bicycle ride. Try different things – they are all beneficial and it reduces the boredom of doing the same activity over and over again.

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