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Stay Healthy With Natural Sugar Alternatives

10.23.2009 · Posted in Health Articles

With the growing concern about diabetes and obesity, many people have been looking to sugar alternatives as one way to maintain diet while living a healthier lifestyle. Nearly everyone responds to the sweetness of sugar, but processed regular white sugar used in most of our foods is not good for you and presents a host of health risks. Even though refined sugars are not good for you, there are sugar alternatives so you can still enjoy eating.nnNatural sugars are one good choice when compared with refined sugar. Natural sugars are easier to digest, and provide much needed energy. The downside is that your body will store the fat if you consume too much. Even though we are trying to avoid storing fat, in small doses natural sugar provides a good option.nnThere are other sugar alternatives available as well, and some of them are better for you than others. First there are the artificial sweeteners like saccharine. This can be found in the Sweet and Low packets on the table in just about every restaurant in the country. This artificial sugar alternative is very sweet so you use a lot less to get the same level of sweetness than you would need with real sugar.nnSugar alternatives do have a downside; they might not be healthy for you. Many people believe that these sugar alternatives cause cancer, although this hasn’t been scientifically proven. The biggest factor is they create an urge for more sugar. This does not make you eat healthier and avoid other sugars. Since these alternatives actually trick your body that it is consuming sugar, the empty calories still get stored as fat.nnArtificial sugar alternatives are not generally good for cooking with. While they may work for sweetening tea and coffee, they often get a chemical taste during cooking. This is why most homes will have refined sugar in the pantry, even when artificial sweeteners are used.nnThere are natural sugar alternatives you can adapt for baking and other sweetening needs. Honey, one of the oldest natural forms of sweetening, can be used for most needs. It is all natural, and good for you when used (like all other sweeteners) in moderation. When used during baking, it will thicken batters.nnHoney is also great in tea or coffee and you can even get dried honey crystals that are even easier to use. These are convenient for beverages or for sprinkling on cereal. Other natural sugar alternatives include agave, which is a thick liquid derived from a plant. It is thick, but not as thick as honey. It is sweet but not overpowering and it has a wonderful flavor.nnAnother one of the interesting natural sugar alternatives is Agave. This is a thick liquid that is derived from a plant. It is not quite as thick as honey that comes with a sweet, wonderful flavor while not being overpowering.nnWith all the natural sugar alternatives on your grocer’s aisle, make sure you do your research. With so many options, you want to find the one that is right for your heart, health and weight. Make sure that you have the best natural sugar alternatives in your pantry.

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