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Start ***** Training

01.31.2012 · Posted in Parental Care Articles

Do you wish that your child would come and let you know that he/she wishes to use the bathroom so that you can get your freedom from all those soiled and smelly diapers? It is not so simple and easy and takes a lot of patience when it comes to ***** training. The phrase is easier said than done, thanks to the tantrums and stubbornness of children to begin with. All this is sure to drive you mad at home. Well relax and read along to know when and how to start training your child for the ***** so that he/she stops troubling you.rnrnWhile there is no specified magical age when you can start ***** training it is usually done when your child displays certain characteristics which tell you indirectly that this is the right age and time to start with the training. Hence as a parent we need to observe the trend carefully. These include:rnrn

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