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SPSS vs Stata | The Key Difference That No One Will Tell You

07.27.2021 · Posted in Writing and Speaking


Statistical Package for Social Sciences (SPSS) was created at a university in 1968. SPSS Inc. was founded, after a few years, and the company was founded entirely on the basis of SPSS. IBM finally bought the SPSS in 2009. SPSS is currently known as IBM SPSS.

It is a statistical software tool for interactive statistical analysis that performs batch analysis. It is licensed software, however, with the help of SaaS (Software as a Service), you can use a trial version. SPSS can run on a variety of operating systems, including Linux, Windows, UNIX, and Mac OS.

IBM SPSS is the most popular statistical software in the world. To find information about customer or end-user data, this is useful. This tool comes with a wide range of statistical tools and is one of the fantastic tools. It facilitates statistical analysis and allows you to integrate open source software.


Stata is a statistical software tool that can be used for a variety of purposes. It is a popular tool for statistical analysis. It was created by Stata Corp in 1985. It is a licensed product. It is one of the best statistics programs. It also works with a variety of operating systems, including Linux, Windows, and Mac OS.

It is one of the most effective options for data science requirements. In Stata, retrieving and manipulating data is easier. It offers to generate useful reports by viewing the data models. It is one of the most powerful data management, data analysis and charting software tools available.

The Best Ever Comparison Between SPSS vs Stata

1. Data Visualization

By using the SPSS, the data can be summarized. It also presented data and provided out-of-the-box analytics. SPSS allows us to export a variety of documents, including Excel, PDF and others.

As we compare it to Stata. Stata includes endogenous covariates. And also, to ensure positive long-term results, it includes sample selection and endogenous treatment models.

2. Measurements

For measurement levels, SPSS uses the traditional approach. The key parameters that the SPSS uses are the nominal variable, an internal variable, and the ordinal variable. Metric variables are all of these variables.

As we compare it to Stata. To perform powerful linear regression models, Stata is one of the best tools. And to determine the power, the most effective size, the sample size, we use it.

3. Key Features

For users, SPSS offers a wide range of features. It includes forecasting trees and data decisions, as well as custom tables, database editing, and advanced statistics. And you’ll also have access to a companion package that includes statistics and charting capabilities, as well as complex sampling. In SPSS, you will also have the test plug-in.

As we compare it to Stata. Stata has a variety of add-on packages. And latent class analysis, spatial AR models, finite mixture models, nonlinear multilevel models, endogeneity, threshold regression, downgrade, etc., are some of the packages available.

4. Statistics Functions

SPSS is now more powerful than ever. The new Bayesian statistics features are available in the latest version of SPSS. ANOVA, t-tests, and regression are among the functions that are available in it.

As we compare it to Stata. Stata uses mixed logit models. And in this model, it provides the model of choice which is the advanced one, to introduce random effects by making dozens of selections per day.

5. Charts

One of the best programs to create graphics is SPSS. And with their help, you can design modern graphics attractively and quickly. After that, to edit, you can use the Microsoft Office tools. If you use native methods, this is a difficult procedure to complete. The graph creation feature of SPSS allows you to quickly generate standard publishing charts.

As we compare it to Stata. Stata has finite mixing models. And this model provides the continuous, categorical, ordinal, binary, censored, counting, and truncated results. With the help of estimators and other combinations, we can also customize it.

Applications Of SPSS

Here are some of the main applications of SPSS:-

  • Transformation of data.
  • Collection and organisation of data
  • Output of data.

Applications Of Stata

Here are some of the main applications of Stata:-

  • Analyze statistics
  • Statistical methods that are cutting-edge.
  • Structural equation modelling has a lot of built-in support.
  • Models can be created using either syntax or a path diagram.
  • Large, active online community.


The above information defines SPSS vs Stata effectively. And we hope that now you should know all about SPSS vs Stata. But if in any case, you want our help, then contact us without any hesitation. We are 24*7 available here to help you. 

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