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SPSS vs Excel: Which Tool is The Best One For Statistics

08.17.2021 · Posted in Writing and Speaking


SPSS (Statistical Packages for Social Sciences) in terms of statistical packaging tools, is the market leader. There are several uses of SPSS that are considered derivatives of data manipulation and storage. There are two methods of batching: the first are interactive batches and the second are non-interactive batches.

It was created by SPSS Inc., but was eventually purchased by IBM in 2009. SPSS was formerly known as “under the umbrella”. IBM SPSS changed the name of SPSS in 2015 after it was acquired by IBM.


Excel is an easy-to-use statistical software and one of the most powerful. Allows you to store data in tabular format, that is, in rows and columns. You can also interact with your data in a variety of ways.

By using some of the powerful formulas, you can sort and filter the data. Excel PivotTables are your best feature. By manipulating the data, you can create new knowledge by using PivotTables.

SPSS vs EXCEL: The Key Differences

The following are lists of points that explain the key differences between SPSS and EXCEL:

  1. SPSS provides us with clear information or knowledge about the utilization of computer storage and the efficiency of the memory system. Excel shows how to extract information and knowledge from data in a variety of formats.
  2. SPSS shows us how to build batch processes and work, as well as how to manage memory in programming. Excel provides a view of how data can be used to study how data will be stored, processed, and manipulated to avoid redundancy and, for future use, to make the data relevant.
  3. SPSS is a tool used for computer science that includes subjects such as Data Storage and Data Formats, while Excel includes mathematical concepts such as Statistics, Algebra, Advanced Calculus and Statistics, etc.
  4. Calculations, probabilistic theories, reasoning, discrete structures, and databases are included in the SPSS subareas. Excel has many more mathematical operations and analysis that are simpler.
  5. SPSS is about using data manipulation techniques efficiently to get good results and Excel is about processing and storing data correctly.
  6. SPSS is a tool that processes batches with statistics, while Excel is a data formulation and computation technique.
  7. SPSS is the premier statistical and batch processing tool, while Excel is a standard data manipulation application.
  8. SPSS is evolving with concepts that are advanced and IBM is developing more efficient and advanced algorithms. Excel is becoming more complex to operate and maintain on a daily basis, but still needs improvement.
  9. By focusing on manipulation of data SPSS deals with the statistical algorithms. Excel is a combination of data storage and mathematics in a variety of forms. 


The above information defines SPSS vs Excel effectively. And we hope you now know all about SPSS vs Excel. And you can decide which tool is best for statistics between SPSS and Excel. But if, in any case, you want our help with excel homework or spss help, contact us without hesitation. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to help.

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