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Space heaters are on sale, so you can stop complaining about being cold

10.24.2019 · Posted in Technology Articles
TL;DR: Multiple space heaters are on sale at Walmart and Amazon, saving you up to $22.
The only office thermostat war more volatile than the one in the summer is the one in the winter. Office buildings are known for being dreadfully chilly (like 70 degrees chilly), which CBS found may stem from a 1960s formula tied to men's higher metabolic rates. As you can guess, incessant shivering doesn't exactly boost productivity. But, until the world stops revolving around people who are hot all the time, we will have to get our own damn heatersWalmart and Amazon have a pretty big collection of space heaters on sale, from personal ones, to oscillating tower versions, to bigger portable radiators to cover that one room in the house that's always extra chilly. Read more... More about Winter, Office, Heaters, Mashable Shopping, and Tech

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